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GYO employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to dig deep and discover talent that lurks below the Top 100 of the leaderboard.

We look for players that show exceptional judgement and skills, despite their win-loss record, and try to identify players with potential. We provide automated coaching advice and help them improve their game, storing their performance history over time so they can see real improvements.

And those players? They go straight into the queue for you to analyze, contact, interview, and recruit. We help you improve your recruiting and find new talent!

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Using these statistics, we are able to give your organization and your coaches more ability to help your players and teams to improve their gameplay. When you add your teams and players to our systems, we track their performance and share the detailed information with your teams' coaching staff.

The staff can then set goals for their team (i.e. "Improve Aggressiveness 10%") and they will receive automated alerts as the team progresses. Finally, coaches can spend more time coaching and less time in spreadsheets!

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In addition to stats tracking, GYO is a league and tournament management and listing service. Create your leagues, tournaments, and events and list them publicly to try to bring in new recruits from your regions or from around the world for online competitions.

All of these tools integrate into a central management platform that allows you to retain the data from your events and track the future progress of all players who participate. They may have not been ready to scout then, but you can keep track and see if one day they are.

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Create a public presence for your organization to allow for fans, followers, and future players to watch and track your progress. You can manage all of the teams under your organization's umbrella and begin building your fanbase.

To help organize this new presence, you can invite additional team members to help you with your account including coaches, managers, and more. It becomes a one-stop shop for your organization management.

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Maximize Your Potential

If you're serious about a competitive future, you need to get serious about your gameplay. Link your account and get analyzed and discovered in one of our many supported titles.

Coming Soon! Data Statistics and Analytics planned for:
  • Overwatch - Game Statistics and Analytics - Esports Sabermetrics
  • Paladins - Game Statistics and Analytics - Esports Sabermetrics
  • CS:GO - Game Statistics and Analytics - Esports Sabermetrics
  • Hearthstone - Game Statistics and Analytics - Esports Sabermetrics
  • Apex Legends - Game Statistics and Analytics - Esports Sabermetrics
  • Street Fighter - Game Statistics and Analytics - Esports Sabermetrics

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Questions and Answers

We're just getting started. We hope you can join us.

Our platform is a raw data computation platform. The raw data is statistics from matches played in various games worldwide. Using these data points, we analyze individual play performance using artificial intelligence engines capable of observing patterns of strong play when final results may not tell the whole story.

Gamers provide us permission to access their play history, and we provide them with a deeper analytical understanding of how they perform in-game, and what their typical gaming profile is. They'll receive automated coaching, be able to track progress over time, and set benchmarks for themselves to try to improve against past performance.

For those seeking to take their play to the next level, users can opt-in to provide gameplay data to professional esports organizations, esports scouts, universities with esports scholarships, and tournament organizers. These partners are then free to contact users directly if they would like to discuss offering a roster spot on their teams.

How are you different than "_____"?

There are many different scoring systems, tools, and analytics available within individual gaming ecosystems. GYO seeks to provide deeper analytical processing that spans entire genres, game types, and role types so gamers can predict how their skills in one game today may translate to a future release.

Many tools only provide summary information, such as data points averaged over time. We are building an artificial intelligence engine that takes our statistics much further, looking for unexpected paths and trends that may highlight high potential for improvement, not just current strength of play.

Our platform allows players to discover themselves, then allow them to become discovered by others.

In time, we will reveal more about our algorithms, but, to date, we have not found another source that is attempting to look at the available data in the same way we are.

Is GYO free?

Yes! Sign up for a free GYO profile to receive a base statistical profile and access to dozens of tools for team management, recruitment, and league organization.

A premium subscription will be available for gamers, parents, coaches, and esports organizations to unlock deeper analytics and management tools to help users reach new heights of success in the esports world.

The Story of GYO

Gyo was a dragon of Korean mythology who started as Imugis, or lesser dragons. Gyo, a mountain dragon, sought to ascend to become a full-fledged dragon, a yong or mireu, and with time, perserverance, and perhaps a bit of luck, eventually conquered his ascent.

Many gamers today face a similar challenge. They believe they have the skills and perserverance to ascend the leaderboards and join the ranks of professional stardorm, but there is no support or guidance on how to conquer their quest.

GYO is a platform built by gamers, for gamers, and seeks to help players with automated coaching advice, stats analysis, and introductions to professional coaches and scouts so that they can chase their dreams, conquer their own climb, and find success in the emerging esports world.

Begin Your Climb