Stop Drowning in Spreadsheets. Focus on Your Players.

As a college or university esports director, we know that you and your coaches have to deal with a lot of logistics around your player program. Roster management, team management, scheduling, recruiting, and plenty more. GYO Dashboard is built to be your all-in-one platform that helps you spend less time in spreadsheets, so you can spend more time on player development.

Start with our recruiting program to get players onboard and send invites to new prospects, then manage them in GYO Dashboard all the way through their collegiate careers. We develop our platform for you to help you get work done, so you can spend more time on play.

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High School Esports Formation


University / College

Club and Varsity Programs

GYO Dashboard is tailor made for University and College programs. Within the platform, you can find and schedule scrimmage opportunities, recruit scholarship hopefuls, and manage practice rosters all under one platform.

Your players receive the benefit of GYO membership which may help them land professional esport opportunities after their time within your program.

Fall Esports Combine

The Fall Classic Esports Combine

Oct 25 - Nov 3

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