Esports - The New Varsity Sport

High schools around the country are embracing the new trend of esports, and adding club and varsity esports programs in record numbers. Varsity esports programs help connect students who otherwise would not participate in athletics, and provide new opportunities for student development. And with over 150 colleges currently offering varsity esports scholarship programs, esports now helps students pave their way to college as well!

GYO has been working with high schools and colleges around the country to develop programs and help onboard players. And in March of 2019, GYO hosted an Esports Combine that resulted in over 120 students receiving over $150,000 in collegiate scholarship offers.

Esports is real. It's here. And it's an excellent opportunity for students who may otherwise be detached from their schools' programs. If you need help getting your program off the ground, contact our team and we can help you with the process of implementing a new high school esports program.

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High School Esports Formation

Dashboard for High Schools

Operate Your Program and Help Your Students Get Scholarships

GYO Dashboard is a tool built for esports program administrators and esports coaches. For high school programs, GYO Dashboard will manage rosters, schedules, teams, statistics and more. Our platform helps you solve the end to end logistics of esports management, so you can focus on developing your players and providing a great play experience.

As an added benefit, all of the gameplay from your events is compiled into stats sheets for your players, which is then sent to collegiate varsity programs around the world to help expose your players to potential esports scholarship opportunities. By participating in your high school program with GYO, your students are more likely to find scholarship opportunities!

Fall Esports Combine

The Fall Classic Esports Combine

Oct 25 - Nov 3

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