GYO Dashboard Use Cases

Servicing Esports Organizations in Many Verticals

University / College

Club and Varsity Programs

GYO Dashboard is tailor made for University and College programs. Within the platform, you can find and schedule scrimmage opportunities, recruit scholarship hopefuls, and manage practice rosters all under one platform.

Your players receive the benefit of GYO membership which may help them land professional esport opportunities after their time within your program.

GYO for Universities

LAN Centers

Create Competition Among Players

Gather your players together under one platform to provide them with fun competitions and turn your center into an official recruiting hub for esports. Players under your roof will be scouted and analyzed for pro esports invitations and your center will be featured in several esports Combines designed to bring business through your doors.

GYO for LAN Centers

Pro Organizations

Sort and Manage Your Pipeline

Simplify your player management by inviting all players to the platform so you can schedule their sessions and track their overall progress.

As players ebb and flow from your program, continue returning to the Free Agents Listings and Watchlist to find new players to join.

GYO for Pro Teams

Leagues / Tournaments

Improve Registration Experience

Leagues and tournaments have been manually managing data and results for years, and rarely do these organizations keep public historical records of past events.

GYO can help assist with both of these logistical issues and more with the GYO Dashboard league and tournament management portal.

GYO for Leagues and Tournaments

High Schools

Engage with New Students

Whether organized through a club program, or through a varsity program, esports in high schools can help teachers and administrators engage with new students intheir schools.

We can help high schools begin their programs and operate their day-to-day logistics so the programs can be fun for students without taxing school resources.

GYO for High Schools


Engage the Gen Z Crowds

As gaming continues to dominate pop culture, movie theaters must adapt to the changing preferences of their consumers. One way to do this is to engage in programming for esports.

From viewing parties to fully transformable theaters, movie center operators have many options to bring esports through their doors to attract gamers back to their facilities.

GYO for Movie Theaters

Bars & Nightclubs

Engage the Gen Z Crowds

Bar arcades and new gaming related venues are popping up around the world for good reason - the average gamer is now an adult, and they are seeking social and fun places to meet.

If you choose to incorporate esports into your bar and nightclub concept, you must avoid common pitfalls and ensure that you are catering to proper gamer culture to ensure your concept is a hit.

GYO for Bars & Nightclubs