GYO Dashboard Product Overview

Escape from Your Spreadsheet Nightmares with GYO

Coaching Tools

Bringing together stats and activity

Your coaches currently have to dig through mountains of spreadsheets and record player results manually. This is valuable time they could be spending developing talent and strategy.

With GYO Dashboard, you can automatically receive the results of any team practices, tryouts, or events. They are stored within your coach management portal to allow you direct access at any time in the future. Your players and staff can see all games played so they can follow progress and help coach up the team members who need further improvement.

Try Outs & Recruiting

Build Your Player Pipelines

GYO Dashboard users have access to thousands of aspiring esports players and potential recruits who are seeking scholarships and have completed surveys on their past education history, including their GPA and desired majors.

Using our Offers Pipeline feature, you can track what stage each student is in for your recruiting process. You also hold the ability to host competitive tryouts (called Combines) for local or regional players as part of your recruiting efforts, helping put recruits into competitive environments.

Player Management

Rosters for Players and Fans

Work with and manage individual players as they join your esports organization. Players and managers have access to statistics and analysis, while fans can also follow along. Receive reports on players, review their individual statistics, set goals for improvement, and help them get recruited at the next level with recommendations and skill profiles.

All communication and play stats are logged through the platform, giving you a central place to manage your player relationships.

Teams Management

Manage Teams and Practice Squads

Create practice squads and teams to organize your players into your top tier teams or you farm practice squads. Move players seamlessly from team to team as they graduate levels and improve their game.

Each team has access to its own calendars and communication functions and each team can have different coaches and managers assigned to help manage the players.

Stat Tracking

Evaluate Progress Over Time

You can then set goals and benchmarks for improvement and watch as your players flourish. If skills begin to decline, you can be proactive and coach them back to successful levels.