GYO Dashboard Pricing

Built to grow as you grow.

For our best features including persistent data statistics storage and player data services, all members of your organization or team must be premium members. By purchasing a GYO Dashboard subscription, you are purchasing a block of Premium subscriptions that can be allocated to your players as an added benefit to them joining your organization.

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Access To GYO Score GYO Score
GYO Dashboard
GYO Score
GYO Dashboard
GYO Score
GYO Dashboard
Included Premium Player Accounts (Max) 0 8 20 50
Cost per Additional Player $7.99 $6.99 $5.99 $4.99
Staff Accounts 1 2 5 10
Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started
Player Following / Tracking
Team / Squad Management
- Max per Organization 5 5 10 15
Event Calendar
- Organizational Events
- Public Team Events
- Practice Squad Events
Scholarship / Recruitment Listings
- Prioritized Listings
Public Search Listing
Prioritized Search Listings
Featured Search Listings
Featured Display Banners
Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started
Browse Public Combine Results
View Player Personal Info
(When Granted by Player)
Formal Offers per Month 10 25 50
Read Notifications on Offers
Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started
Add Players to Watchlist
Add Players to Watchlist
Progress Reports on Watchlist Players
Automatic Leads Added to Watchlist
Based on Demographic Preferences
Max Leads per Month
25 50 100
Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started
Storage and Manage Docs and Files
Storage Limit 0.5GB 1.0GB 2.0GB
List Sponsors
Sponsor CRM Management
Expiration Dates
Contact Information
Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started
Review Public Player Stats
Review Stats for Watchlist
Review Public Team Stats
Setup Private Teams / Practice Squad Stats
Automated Coaching Alerts
Configurable Coaching Goals 1 p/team 2 p/team 5 p/team
Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started
Participate in Public Events
Review Stats from Public Events
Participate in Invited Events
Review Stats from Invited Events
Create Public / Private Events
Automated Stats Tracking $99
Automated Stats Tracking $199
Post Event Survey
Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started
Assign Practices to Teams/Squads
Assign Team Goals
Automatic Progress Reports
Assign Individual Goals
Automatic Progress Reports
Manual Coaching Notes
Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started
Available Game Titles
(Available Free for All Levels)
Automated Statistics

More Coming Soon!

Manual Tracking Options

More Coming Soon!


Frequently Asked Questions

All players who wish to have their statistics processed and stored require Premium level profiles. As an Organization, you are purchasing Premium Accounts at a bulk rate to provide to your players, plus some additional perks.

Our Free plans allow for you to access the majority of Organizational tools at no cost. You will be able to access the stats data of Premium players who've already upgraded, but many of our automated tools are unavailable to you.

Access to player stats and scheduling tools is always free! However, you will need to manually store and process reports for those stats with a free account.

Most of our plans are differentiated purely based on the number of players and/or teams that are being managed. Plans are built to grow as you grow, so when in doubt start with the Base plan and work up.

Need further guidance? Please contact our sales and we will help!

Built from the same base product, GYO and GYO Dashboard feature many similar features and capabilities. The primary difference is GYO is built with players in mind, while GYO Dashboard is built with organizations in mind.

GYO features are structured to help players interact with their own statistics and data. GYO Dashboard focuses its features and navigation on managing other players and teams.

GYO Dashboard is custom tailored to help you maximize efficiency in managing your entire organization from top to bottom.

If you are a single coach managing a single team, you can likely do so using our free team management tools available on GYO.

GYO Dashboard is meant for larger organizations that need to manage multiple teams playing multiple titles, or esports venues promoting to gamers.