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Esports is Too Top Heavy

Have you ever tried to Google "How to Go Pro in Esports"? The answers you get back are.... complicated, at best. As esports has launched into a tremendous growth cycle, the investment and the focus continues to push towards the pro teams, pro leagues, pro sponsors, and pro players, but what about those who dream of one day going pro? What about the players who wish to chase stardom and follow in the paths of their favorite esports stars?

They're left out on in the cold.

GYO has been built to help address and solve this issue by creating tools specific aimed towards helping players who desire to go pro, and esports organizers who wish to lift players up. With GYO data tools, we put power back into the hands of the players by giving them access to their own gameplay data so they can set benchmarks and goals for performance and attempt to hit those. With GYO Dashboard, we enable coaches and scouts from colleges, high schools, and Tier 2-3 esports organizations so they can reduce their overhead and focus more on player development. With our Esports Combines, we've created an entire format that pushes players to show off their best skills in the hopes of getting discovered - and over 120 players have been found through this process already!

GYO is on a mission to help stabilize the esports space by focusing on its most valuable asset - the players who dream of going pro. We hope you join us on this journey.

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