GYO employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to dig deep and discover talent that lurks below the Top 100 of the leaderboard.

We look for players that show exceptional judgement and skills, despite their win-loss record, and try to identify players with potential. We provide automated coaching advice and help them improve their game, storing their performance history over time so they can see real improvements.

And those players? They go straight into the queue for you to analyze, contact, interview, and recruit. We help you improve your recruiting and find new talent!

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Using these statistics, we are able to give your organization and your coaches more ability to help your players and teams to improve their gameplay. When you add your teams and players to our systems, we track their performance and share the detailed information with your teams' coaching staff.

The staff can then set goals for their team (i.e. "Improve Aggressiveness 10%") and they will receive automated alerts as the team progresses. Finally, coaches can spend more time coaching and less time in spreadsheets!

GYO Esports and Gaming Analytics Screenshot - Farm System and Recruiting System for Esports

In addition to stats tracking, GYO is a league and tournament management and listing service. Create your leagues, tournaments, and events and list them publicly to try to bring in new recruits from your regions or from around the world for online competitions.

All of these tools integrate into a central management platform that allows you to retain the data from your events and track the future progress of all players who participate. They may have not been ready to scout then, but you can keep track and see if one day they are.

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Create a public presence for your organization to allow for fans, followers, and future players to watch and track your progress. You can manage all of the teams under your organization's umbrella and begin building your fanbase.

To help organize this new presence, you can invite additional team members to help you with your account including coaches, managers, and more. It becomes a one-stop shop for your organization management.

GYO Esports and Gaming Analytics Screenshot